KSM40 is a three-headed Hardcore-Punkband located somewhere in a shittysuburb of Cologne (Germany for those who don’t know). The Band was founded in spring 2005, because the three members Spike (git/vox), Thomas (drums/vox), Jonas (vox, bass) were fed up with their lame old bands.
KSM40 is a D.I.Y.-Punkband. We’re doin’ all our shit by ourselves and we’re definitely not playin’ music to make money or (even worse) to live out our narcistic dreams of standing on a stage being rockstars. We play Hardcore to express ourselves and to spread the ideas we carry in our hearts. These ideas are e.g to fight every kind of discrimination or oppression as fascism, rascism, homophobia, sexism or antisemitism. If you don’t care much about those things or even sympathise with them, just go and fuck off.”

The band has released one demo, 3 split records and they also appear on lots of different compilations and tribute samplers. In 2011,
KSM40 have self-released their first record "The Taste Of Rust" and banned it on a 10”.

You can download "The Taste Of Rust" directly from our Bancamp page and we’ll trade,sell and offer the 10” version next month.
KSM40 and BURT team up for a split and tour sooner or later this year.